For Pop Art Artist from European School :

The list of materials for the child is the first line of the list bellow! Thank you!


Are you considering investing in some new art supplies at home? Would you like to step-up your art game but want to make sure you're not wasting money on unnecessary tools? Are you curious if it's REALLY necessary to invest in the highest quality supplies in order to improve your work?

Preferred mediums and brands are going to vary from artist to artist. Though you can listen to recommendations from others, it's all going to come down to first-hand exploration. This said, I 100% believe that it is NOT necessary to acquire the most expensive supplies in order to produce high quality work. In the beginning I recommend doing some research prior to buying, in order to arrive at a brand and product that offer a relatively good product at an accessible price. Here bellow is simply my own research, what I really like and what I did use in the past at my workshop with kids or adults and had the most contentement with.

If you have some great products that you would like to recommend, please tell me ! 

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