For those who wishes, I propose you this little tuto : prepare a white sheet and glue several parallel square coloured papers on it. It doesn't have to be the same, you can let the kids do it. It will give them a little overview of the rules of perspectives.

Then make them draw vertical lines for the sides of the houses starting from the edges of the coloured squares, and make way for their artisitic cities!

As you see, it doesn't have to be rigoureux as you can see with this example, it's just a construction aid. For larger ones accurate by sticking perfectly parallel papers. For supplies, if you don't have coloured papers, it doesn't matter, any paper in a magazine will do the trick! Good fun to you!

For those who prefer a more personnel work here is some examples of work which could inspire you!

Please send me your photo on or in private message through my facebook page (ling below)

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