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Cours trimestriels





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On Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday,

Friday and Saturday



From 4 years old.  

Tuesday       2.00 to 3.30 pm

                     3.30 to 5 pm

                     5.00 to 6.30 p.m (one Teens' group and                       one younger)

Thursday       2:00 to 3.30 pm

                      3.30 to 5 pm

                      5.00 to 6.30 pm (one Teens' group and                        one younger)

Friday            5.00 to 6.30 pm


Saturday       9:30 to 11:00 am

                     11:00 to 12:30  (2 teachers on Saturday, classique art group or Manga)

Every child has the potential to be an artist. All it takes is time, practice and passion. At POP ART Workshop, our painting classes for kids are designed for students to learn alongside their peers, learn valuable new skills, and develop the artistic vocabulary they need to express themselves. Contact us today to learn more about the POP ART experience or sign up for children's art classes.


Kids Art Classes ​ We invite children ages 4 and older to explore their creativity by choosing from an array of art classes! All kids art classes take place in our Luxembourg studio in Strassen. During the trimester, we also propose some pottery activity to each kind of class to experiment that field. ​ There are many ways to provide your kids with enriching experiences in Luxembourg, but art classes are some of the most impactful. There are so many meaningful benefits to giving kids the opportunity to express their creativity, connect with others over common interests and goals, and gain independence through acquiring new skills. ​ At POP ART Workshop, we’re proud to stand out as a local favorite among the art classes programs in Luxembourg. For 13 years, our friendly and casual approach to artistic education has helped us to connect with kids of all ages and provide a valuable service to our families. ​ POP ART Workshop is dedicated to providing high-quality kids' art classes that are just as enriching and inspiring as they are fun. We offer several group painting classes for kids, that you can choose depending on your scheddule and kid's interest, each running for a trimester to allow students to gain a solid grasp of multiple skills and build their portfolios. ​



For adults there are classes in the morning during the week by subscription with a card of 10 classes, and also in the form of a 3-hour workshop on the weekend with booking at different dates.

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