Elishka 10 ans.

Pop art 2021

Next trimester will begin first week of October but the workshop will be open in September for single class registration.

For the moment there is just some space left on Tuesday at 2:00.


Pascale, Responsable de l'atelier Pop Art.


Art Thérapeute



    Welcome to the Pop Art School! We are Pascale, Kornelia et Mireille.



Pop Art workshop is an art workshop for children from 3 to   14 years old. Graduated in art history, Pascale is the founder of Pop Art   and has done Martenot school, a teaching method that privileges the pleasure of doing and success while gradually discovering the technical means. She also has a degree in Art Therapy.

Kornelia joins Pop Art with many years of experience in art education. Always passionate about art, she trained as a designer in silk-screen printing on textiles, in industrial and product design at HEAA in Geneva and a Master in Plastic, Visual and Space Arts at La Cambre in Belgium. Benevolent education, support for parents and educators, and the transmission of knowledge are part of his work objectives.

Mireille has been a teacher in schools during 20 years and is an Art Therapist in Thionville. She loves helping children and adults to express themselves through art and is a real fairy for developing self-confidence through artistic means. She can also have some private session in art therapy with appointment.

In their work with children, Pascale, Kornelia and Mireille will make them discover works of art, using a wide range of artistic techniques, and gives them the freedom to give their own vision of the work.


They will give a clear and progressive teaching in a guided freedom while respecting the spontaneity of the gesture and the rhythm of each one in order to favor the expression of creativity.


The idea of ​​this course is to awaken children to sensitivity, to stimulate their creativity while guiding them by the quality of the gesture. The goal is to have a more sensory than theoretical approach, to learn to look at and feel the balance of shapes, volumes, colors.


Courses are taught in French and English. Children, when is will be possible, will have the pleasure to have an experience of art work with the three different teachers during the art school year.

Our Classes



2:00 PM to 3:30 PM

3.30 PM until 5.00 PM

5:00 PM TO 6:30 PM


WEDNESDAY FROM 5.10 PM until 6.40 PM for the older ones.




2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m.

3.30 until 5:00

5:10 until 6:40


SATURDAY from 9.30 AM to 11 AM.

11:10 to 12:40 AM



 The students, through a step to step guide, will develop their artistic skills and knowledge by using a combination of art mediums, and specialist professional art tools such as; watercolors, acrylics, clay, charcoal, graphite pencils, canvases and much more to deliver the best art classes for children.